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Deb from No Nits Now came and rid us of them once and for all. She shows you how to sort them out for life. Best money spent


When you get to the crazy stage I suggest to call Deb from No Nits Now. She is truly amazing. Worth every cent. Had a terrible nit issue last year and with Deb’s help we haven’t had them back (touch wood)


Deb turned a very uncomfortable situation into the most positive experience. As soon as Deb walked through the door we were all totally reassured that nits would no longer be an issue in our family. She gave us the most invaluable advice to ensure we were equipped with all the skills to remove nits if they were to ever return. We all loved her company and as much as we hope we will never have another case of nits, if we do, then we will not hesitate to call Deb again. It will be a delight to see her again. Deb, you have an incredible business that offers an amazing service and we are truly appreciative.


Deb is amazing with the nit removal and also gives teaches you how to remove properly and has a proper comb to do the job. Costs a bit up front but its worth it and then you don’t have to buy expensive nit treatments as that’s not required any more


No Nits Now was amazing!! Deb was friendly, fast and fabulous. My daughter was super excited to have her nits removed! The comb and technique was such valuable information. Would recommend to everyone.


No Nits Now has successfully sorted out the whole family’s itchy heads twice now. The ladies are lovely and come to you. Even better, you get a lot of instruction in learning how to pick nits so, if it is your inclination, you can take care of the problem yourself next time.


Deb is a complete nit-picking professional, and she is such a warm, caring, lovely person as well. Deb completely removed my daughter’s nits, as well as teaching me how to do it next time (and there has been a next time, unfortunately, 6 months later). My daughter raved about how gentle Deb was with her extremely long hair, and the nit-removal time was actually pleasant rather than a horrible chore. It was totally worth every cent! Thank you so much Deb!


I truly thought nits where way behind us until my 18 year old daughter came home with them. It couldn’t have come at a worse time! We had just put our house on the market and she was in the middle of preparing for the HSC then to make matters worse I got them. I went straight to the chemist and spent a fortune on chemicals that really didn’t work. Then I found “No Nits Now”. Deb was so understanding and compassionate she booked me and my daughter in 2 days later with Nicola. What a fantastic service that comes discreetly to your home. I throughly recommend No Nits Now to anyone who wants the job done quick and easy. Deb and Nicola took all the stress away (as well as the nits).
Thank you Deb & Nic, you are both such lovely people.
All the best.


We just had our first case of headlice and Deb came over, did our kid’s hair (only uses organic conditioner), and completely educated us on how to deal with it in future. One time combing through, then a follow up five days later as a precaution and you’re done. If it’s not done correctly it could go on and on and on. So learn how to correctly deal with it! Best money I ever spent!


Could not agree more with the comments posted – Deb is patient, thorough and takes out all the stress of dealing with lice and nits. I was at my nit-wits end, various products and assorted combs from the chemist had not worked, then Deb arrived! Deb handled the whole family to make sure we were nit free and with left us with very helpful and professional advice on what to do to stay on top of any future issues. Thanks Deb!!


As a first time mum dealing with nits, I used conditioner and a nit comb from the chemist yesterday morning. I got so many live lice out from my almost 4yr old DD and just turned 2yr old DS. No nits now came to our house last night at 7pm and used their special comb, same conditioner and their technique and got out a few live lice (as I got most out in the morning) and a HEAP of eggs! Their comb gets the eggs all the other combs don’t. Therefore breaking the cycle much quicker. I was very happy to pay the price for their comb and for her to show me how to do it most effectively. I keep the comb and now shouldn’t have to use No Nits Now again as I know what to do and have the tools to deal with it. Small investment for my time and money compared to other options out there both long and short term.


New to this whole ‘nit’ business I was horrified to see that my 4 year old was infested with them from someone at preschool. We did one treatment at home and the very next day found live lice in her hair! I had a choice, I could either spend a fortune on more lice treatments that didn’t work or bring in a professional. That’s where Deb came in. She managed to fit me in the very next morning (every minute counts with these things!) she was so lovely and great with my daughter. She taught us exactly what to do if she ever gets them again, all without the use of nasty chemicals. I could not recommend her highly enough! Worth every cent. Highly recommend.

Sam Nicola

Thank you Nic for the friendly and professional service! You really do do the work of angels 🙂

Nit free in Artarmon

Deborah’s service was amazing. I have been struggling with my daughter’s nits off and on for years and have wasted countless hours with ineffective treatments. In despair I decided to outsource and wish I had done so years ago. Deborah thoroughly combed my daughter’s hair and talked me through her technique. My daughter’s hair is incredibly thick but Deborah is so focused, precise and thorough it wasn’t a problem. She has been completely nit free for months now. It’s a shame nits aren’t discussed publicly otherwise I would be telling everyone at school about Deborah.

S.J Cremorne

Deb came in as I was convinced my boys and I had nits. It turns out it was a false alarm and turned out to be an equally valuable session. Deb showed me the techniques to remove nits and I feel educated and reassured I am now armed with the tools and techniques when nits hit our home! Deb is professional, genuine and kind. I highly recommend No Nits Now for anyone wanting to be prepared before nits arrive or anyone wanting actual treatment. (Mum to 2 boys ages 5 and 7)


My daughter has long thick hair – I was at my wits end trying to get rid of the nits that had decided to make their home in her hair! Deb & Nicola from No Nits Now came to the rescue the afternoon I called – their speedy response and guarantee gave me great peace of mind. Luckily I haven’t had the opportunity to try their famous comb but if the little critters ever come back again and I would be more than happy to pick up the phone and ask for their help again.


We thought your service was great with excellent results! Also appreciated the your availability and quick response time in what feels like a household emergency!!? I really liked you (Nicola) personally and found you very relaxed and easy to have in the house. Everyone felt comfortable in your hands which worked really well. Thanks again.


We were very happy with the thorough and successful treatment. Very pleased that we could avoid the chemicals.


After trying chemical kits and still not getting rid of nits I came across Deb’s website on a google search. I called her at 9am and she was out at my place by 10 that morning doing my daughter’s hair! I was so shocked to see the number of eggs, baby nits and full grown adults nits my daughter had on her head. Deb was good with explaining how to use conditioner and the comb to methodically go through my daughter’s hair and I feel confident I could go through the process myself. She is very good with young children; even my wriggly 3 year old was happy to sit to have his head checked. I highly recommend this service.


Thank you Janine, it has been 2 years since visiting you, from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the new life you have given me “with no nits”


What a relief to finally know all of the facts! Deb treated my 6 year old today and gave me all of the information required to be rid of this problem forever. It was completely painless, no smelly chemicals because it’s all natural and my daughter sat though the entire process without one complaint. I would recommend any family to call Deb and break the cycle.


I was very happy with your service – after a few episodes of battling nits in my family it was a relief to let someone else get busy with the conditioner and comb. Deb was very thorough – much more thorough than I had been and after she had been I didn’t have to worry anymore. I did the recommended checking twice afterwards but happily never saw another one. I would say even if you think you know how you are supposed to be doing it – you are still probably not getting all of them out. For something that consumed my life for a few months I would definitely say its worth the money. Thanks


“Deb is a saviour!” That is how she was described to me by my beautiful sister-in-law, and that is exactly what she is. Deb came to our house with her big smile and small tool kit and quickly got to work ridding us of lice. It was hot summer and the dirty little creatures made themselves at home on our scalps. Me included! Ugh. However, Deb with her positive energy, calming reassurance and wealth of knowledge about nits cleared them out and they have not come back. But if they do, I’m ready with my super duper nit comb (that you can only get from her company). Thank you so much, Deb. We love you! You are a blessing.


Deb was a life saver! We had never had L.I.C.E visit us before and when they did I didn’t know what to do. And, with two kids and a baby I didn’t know how to start the battle against them and win.
Deb not only help rid our heads of the uninvited pests but educated us and followed up three weeks later with a text. She was so thorough and I highly recommend No Nits Now. Deb really did save my sanity.

DH – Freshwater

Hi Deb, I really appreciated the professionalism, guidance and help with dealing with the ongoing issue of the nit infestation my daughter was experiencing. Thank you – your service is an excellent help when parents can’t overcome the nit cycle.


Deb was so lovely to me and my daughter on Saturday, hours of patient work, removing the lice and nits that have such a tight grip!!! She is not just a person that provides a service that takes “guts” to do, she is an educator. There was nothing about lice and nits that she doesn’t know about and more than happy to teach us about future infestation prevention and combing technique to ensure that every single lice and nit is gone. I will never forget her and what she did for us and most of all the pleasant way she assured me, my daughter and my Mum in a very caring way. The louse thing is ‘lousy” and really affects every family member and social contacts. It’s no good to be in denial about it and keep it to yourself, you have to take a leaf out of Deb’s book, be informative, be brave and let contacts know about it to help stop the spread of these opportunistic parasites.


I had Deb come and visit because I knew one of my boys definitely had nits, and possibly all three. However I mainly had her come to treat me. I have very dark hair (with too much grey showing through at the roots!!) and I have had an itchy scalp for ages and feared I was the carrier. I constantly had my mother or husband check my hair but neither ever found anything from just looking and I just never felt confident they’d be able to see them due to my hair colour. So Deb did her technique on my hair from top to bottom and found, as she had predicted, nothing. She did her stuff to my son’s, and yes found heaps, and showed me her technique while she did it. She was so generous with information on how to do this treatment in the future and I was confident to do my other two children on my own. Well worth the time and money. Thanks heaps Deb.


Thank you so much Deb. We were 2 days away from a 3 week holiday of a lifetime and I discovered another lice infestation in my 9yo daughter’s hair. I knew that my years of previous attempts were useless and I was dreading the thought of taking our nits on holidays with us and infecting the rest of the family. Deb to the rescue. She is awesome. Not only did Deb completely rid my daughter of head lice but generously left us with the knowledge and techniques to win the head lice battle. Thanks again Deb

Kelly G

I was overwhelmed with frustration at spending hours trying to get rid of nits only to find them back a week later. Deb to the rescue! She was like a superhero, arriving at my doorstep, ridding my kids of nits and more importantly showing me how to do it and providing me with an effective comb (finally!). Having discovered I have been doing it all wrong all this time, my only regret is not calling Deb sooner. I am no longer terrified of nits as I know exactly how to get rid of them. Thanks Deb, you are a champion!


Deb came to our rescue when I discovered that my 2 daughters and myself all had nits! Deb was patient, calm and very reassuring and solved our nit problem in a matter of hours. Deb also trained me in her technique and I now feel confident in eliminating nits from my daughters’ hair in the future. Thank you Deb!


Deb did a magnificent job of clearing my teenager’s hair of nits – in one session. Amazing. My daughter had been managing them herself for ages and had so many eggs – awful. But one call to No Nits Now and she was on my doorstep in a flash, and miraculously the problem was fixed. I got her back a week later to double check she was clear, and there was not a nit, or an egg to be found. The simple technique of combing the hair through with the special comb she has (which I purchased should an infestation occur again in the future) is a game changer!! Thank you so much No Nits Now. We are very thankful for you.


Deb is fantastic. She delivered a thoroughly professional service & was very friendly. She took time to explain what she was doing & showed us how to use the comb & the technique for removing the nits so we could do this ourselves in the future, if needed. Her service was prompt, value for money, considering the time she spent on my son’s hair, and best of all it worked and he was able to return to school nit free the next day! Thanks Deb!


After months of battling with nits in my Daughters hair, I called on Deb who walked into our home and confidently and naturally treated my daughter, son and myself. Everything she said made sense especially the fact that you don’t need to buy bottled of chemicals every time your kids get nits! Thank goodness finally someone who understands and talks the truth.
Thanks again.


I recently had the wonderful services of Deborah. I could not get rid of the nits in my daughter’s hair. What a fabulous service she provides. After years of expense and frustration, finally the little buggers are gone from my daughter’s hair! Don’t hesitate. One relieved and happy mum and daughter. Thanks Deborah, you’re a lifesaver.


Deb from No Nits Now is the best! She was at our house in a matter of hours from when i first noticed the nits on my daughters head! The best money i have ever spent!


Thank God we found Deb.We have struggled with Nits since my daughter started School 7 years ago, on average treating her hair every fortnight, with the standard chemist products. Did they work NO, have we spent a fortune on products YES. My daughters hair was totally infested with live nits & empty casings When Deb treated her hair 10 days ago, even though I had treated my daughters hair 5 days prior to Deb. She showed me the correct technique using No chemicals & the wonder comb!!! When she had finished I could not find one egg casing or nit. Today I went through my daughters hair for the first time since Debs visit, using the method she showed me & the comb, NO NITS, NONE……woohoo, I am so estatic & my daughter is too. I now feel I am finally on top of this for the first time in & years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Michelle ( Northern Beaches )

Fantastic service friendly on Times and training on what to look for highly recommend


After unsuccessfully treating my 3 year old’s hair with products form the chemist which not only didn’t work but also caused major trauma for all of us, we found Deb. Our lives changed. Not only are we all nit free, we are now confident with how to deal with the nits if they return at any time in our lives. Not only have the nits gone but so has the anxiety, stress, insanity, tears, tantrums and we have our lives back. Deb we cannot express our thanks enough, everyone with children needs to know about you!

Strelan Family

We had been trying to get rid of nits with chemical treatments to no avail. I was totally frustrated with the whole nit thing! Searched on the Internet and found Deb. I was very impressed with her level of service and professionalism. As I was so desperate, she was able to start treating me within 45 minutes of ringing her! She them came back and treated my children after school. And checked my husband for nits when he came home from work. They were very impressed as well! ‘That nit lady is awesome!’ they declared. What was even more impressive is that Deb also taught me how to treat nits. No chemical treatments at all, just a special imported comb that she sells to you for $30, conditioner and about 60-90 minutes of your time (depends on severity of nits). The only way to get rid of nits is to be thorough, consistent and patient. I highly recommend Deb to get rid of your nits once and for all!!! Thanks Deb.


Deb completely rid my daughter of nits after we struggled with them for 5 months. She was compassionate and practical. Thanks Deb!

North Shore Mum – 15-08-2013

We have used a service that used a chemical treatment method previously without satisfaction. This service is completely different and immeasurably better. Deb is thorough and professional but also kind and gentle. Her dedication to not only provide the best possible service but also to pass on knowledge to help parents is outstanding. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks Deb!


I have a 5, 2 and 5 month old and my husband was away for the weekend, when I discovered, right on bed time that my 5 year old had nits. I was a little stressed out to say the least and didn’t really know what to do as have not had to deal with this problem before. With over tired children and a stressed out mum it was defiantly not the ideal time to be trying to deal with a head full of nits, luckily I had kept the number for NO NITs Now from an advertisement I had seen a few months earlier. I called Debbie and have to say she was AMAZING! She came around the following day and got rid of the problem for me. I also loved the fact that she does not use any nasty chemicals and going forward I now know exactly what to do if they ever strike again. She made a stressful situation into a pleasant experience. Thanks so much for all your help Deb.

Tracey Gillies

Thank you Deb! I have just combed my hair twice since you came and removed all the lice (I’m paranoid!) and found nothing! Thank you so much for your help and coming to me on a Sunday. You’re a lifesaver!


Getting Deb from No Nits Now saved us a fortune in the long run. She uses a comb which actually works (unlike pharmacy ones) and shows you how to do it properly without all the chemicals which don’t work that well anyway. Honestly worth every penny


I find that when my kids have nits it makes my head itch. I am ok in sorting out the kids, but when it comes to my own hair it is just too tricky (especially the back). Prior to going on a big trip, I wanted to make sure that ALL OF US were free of nits – and that I wouldn’t have to spend hours in a hotel room applying nit potions and combing, combing, combing. So was so excited to find Deb, and she was quite lovely. Not only was she friendly and thorough, but I got total peace of mind, knowing that we weren’t taking any nits on holiday with us! It was one of my best Christmas presents – amazing! I would highly recommend Deb to anyone struggling with nits. And if everyone used her, we might manage to get it under control at school!! Thanks so much, Deb.


Deb saved me! Not only did my daughter have lice, but so did her Mom! Once the doctor confirmed we had lice I called Deb early the next morning. She was able to come to my home that very day and comb through our hair. She not only got rid of the current eggs, but taught me the steps of combing so I could do this in the future if the problem occurred again. It was SO convenient to have her come to my home! Deb couldn’t be nicer and totally put us at ease. I also like the organic lotion she used to treat the hair. I would HIGHLY recommend her services and the high quality German comb she sells.


WOW, Deb came over on Sat and finally got rid of the nasty nits my 8 yr old daughter has had for weeks. I have tried all the different brands and plastic combs, but this comb is fantastic. She is very efficient and friendly. Now I know what to do if she gets nits again, as Deb showed me what to do. Money well spend… Thanks again Deb x


No Nits Now saved the day! I have always used chemicals to rid my children of nits but never again. After hearing about Deb’s service and seeing the incredible results I will never try doing it again myself. Deb uses all organic product and she explains what she is doing at every stage. It was so helpful in my busy schedule. Thanks Deb, I’ll be back.


Deb’s was a real lifesaver! after several attempts to get rid of lice, she came to the rescue. She arrived promptly at 8am the Saturday morning at our front door after receiving a desperate call from myself the Friday night. Deb’s spent her whole saturday morning combing through al three my kids’ hair and getting them “lice-free . She also showed us how to do it. Not only is she an expert in her field but a warm, loving person. I would recommend anyone to Deb’s she is a star!! Anne Grobler


Finally my daughter has stopped scratching her head! Thank you Deb you once and for all got rid of the pests! I have already spread the news about you. Your friendliness,calmness and patience was appreciated as well


Having never experienced nits ! I become a crazy person when I found them having a party on my poor daughter’s head and so I began washing everything over and over and over including her hair everyday and then only to really absolutely lose it, was when I found them in my long hair ! Deb’s beautiful, calming and reassuring personality, showed me how to remove the little suckers! And that I didn’t have to wash everything, everyday like a crazy nut !!!! A big thanks from us Deb.


Deb was just here after I found some nits in my son’s hair. Horror with school starting the next day. I have three children and Deb went through everyone’s hair including mine. She taught me the best technique so that I can do it myself from here forward. I highly recommend her! She is wonderful.


Deb brought sunshine into our home, taught both my children and I how to detect and treat nits effectively, made it a pleasant experience for the kids and we have been nit free ever since (touch wood). I cant recommend Deb highly enough. She was certainly worth having and I would call her again if we ever had a problem. Thanks so much Deb.


Janine from No Nits in Perth was amazing. I was impressed with her fast response to my very frustrated text message, as well as how friendly and helpful she was. She sorted out my 6 and 9 year old daughters and myself, and also taught me how to maintain our hair to avoid reinfestation. Thank you Janine!


Massive thanks to Deb for rescuing me! I had been struggling for weeks to get rid of the nits, I had tried everything and was getting very down about the whole thing as I just couldn’t get rid of them. Deb was able to book me in straight away and was so thorough. I felt so relieved after she had left knowing that I was definitely clear of nits. She was just amazing and would highly recommend her. Thanks so much Deb, should have called you sooner!


A big thanks to Deb who just came and did my daughters hair. After trying so many products and combs and after many tantrums I was resigned to the fact that we would have to live with the nit cycle but Deb has showed me how to effectively treat the hair with no chemicals and no mess! Now I have the comb I feel that if we ever get struck again I can handle it better! Thank you so much.


Yay, just had our first peaceful night sleep in weeks, my teenage daughter has peace, and so do I! Deb came to our home and eradicated those little beasts from her hair, while she sat playing games on her iPod…she was not that calm on the occasions that I was treating her hair, let me tell you! Deb taught me how to check and treat and now I feel so empowered…the money I have spent on useless chemicals in the past far exceeds the one off cost for deb to come and treat and teach in the comfort of our own home….Thank you Deb, the best nit picker on earth! Jo (and Charlotte)


We had never had head lice before and I have a really thick head of long dark hair. So even if I could have gotten my 4 year old daughter to sit still for me so I could clear her hair(which was totally not happening) there was no way i would’ve been able to get through my own. By the time we made it to Janine we were pretty frustrated and cranky but within 5 minutes of being with her and her family were were relaxed and calm and my daughter sat perfectly straight and still for an hour and a half! while Janine combed through her hair. We both walked out nit free and completely blown away by the welcoming kindness we experienced there. Thank-you so much Janine and family. You are just so Lovely. xx


THANKS so much Deb for your time….. having headlice as a kid i dreaded getting it as an adult because of the amount of hair i have. (mum gave me a boy hair cut as a kid just to get rid of them. ) Deb was very professional , explaining as she was going also coming to your house makes things very comfortable and not confronting. THANKFUL i had only a few. I would highly recommend Deb to get the job done. i LOVE that its chemical free and you get to keep the comb too . I will recommend Deb and her business to otherwise.


I have been battling with nits for months now and never been able to get on top of them. It became a regular activity in my household everynight trying to comb them out. I also have tried every product on the market combined with combing but clearly my methods were not working as we could never get rid of them. Deb was extremely patient and gentle with the boys whilst being very thorough. It is such a relief now not to have the constant battle and I feel able to cope with any recurrences and nip them in the bud. Thanks Deb!


Thank you Janine for such concern and caring in my ongoing battle with nits, you have to be one of the most professional and thorough people I know, After nearly 15 years of on and off nits it got to the stage it was ruining my life, you were the one who made a difference to my life and I am forever in your debt. Janine made me realise that after her wonderful treatment that I can now control nits in my children from home, what a life saver. Thank you Janine and thank you for the warmth and welcome I also got from your terrific family.


Hi all first of all id like to thank u for taking the time to read about my experience with Deb.. i as a mother and grandmother was at my wits end.. as my grandaughter brought her head lice home to us.. with 8 kids in the house i was fighting a losing battle….i spent hundreds of dollars on chemicals that did nothing but hurt and sting ..and wasnt even killing the lice or there eggs…i came across Deb on a web site that i use and sent her a email.. within 15 mins i had a phone call from a beautiful soft spoken woman. that gave me hope she came to my house …and talked me through everything she was doing …. and how easy it was one thing that comes to mind is that she said to me is that she isnt leaving until every nit and egg has been removed….. my Grandaughter is now nit free but i still do the ramdom checks just to make sure..im very grateful to Deb and her number is in my phone as my new best friend ..and yes all the other children a lice free as well hard work but it was worth every cent that i spent on conditioner..and thats all it takes conditioner and a decent comb that Deb will supply for a small fee thank u Deb like i said i cant thank u enough

Treena and Darriyn

We are a family with 3 children. I work in the public health system as a nurse, and my husband is a doctor also in public health, needless to say…we know nits very well. I have tried everything on the market and we investigate all chemicals components and techniques. Our daughter has had nits since starting school at the beginning of the year and nothing has cleared up the problem until we found Janine from “no nits now” in Perth. I cannot recommend her treatment enough, her method is nothing short of exceptional. When your child can finally stop scratching, sleep soundly, and is no longer irritated, you realise just how important it is for them to be nit free. I wish we could use her in hospitals!

Fiona & Olivia

Huge shout out to my life saver Deborah from No Nits Now who came & lovingly and ever so thoroughly and meticulously removed all the nits and eggs from Holly’s hair today. Poor kid has had probably 6 treatments recently, and just when I thought we’d nailed it, they kept coming back! I was stressed, and Holly & I were both over it. I now know that Holly’s hair is particularly fine (just lots of it) that made it near impossible to completely remove them unless you know exactly what you are doing and are using the correct equipment and techniques – especially if you are wanting to avoid chemical treatments (which don’t work anyway) like I did.
If you are going insane trying to get rid of nits, don’t despair – call Deb & she will take amazing care of you & your family and will teach you how to properly manage any future outbreaks.
Thanks again Deb!

Bec – Frenches Forest

I feel like we’ve had nits since the children started school and could never completely get rid of it! I then I got it (every mum’s nightmare!) You were so patient, thorough and informative. I thought I had been doing it the right way, and had used everything in the chemist but nothing worked. I am so glad I found No Nits Now – you made it so easy and the kids didn’t complain at all!! Thank you!!

Beckie. Canningvale

I really can’t thank you enough, you are incredible! My daughter isn’t scratching anymore – she loves you!!

M.S – Balga

Thanks so much for your help, I would have been absolutely tearing my hair out without you! You’re a great teacher and I’m now so confident that I can keep on top of this lice problem if it happens again!

M. – Maida Vale, WA

Thanks Deb for doing a fantastic job with my daughter and checking my hair for me too! It’s a great service and really teaches that the only way to get rid of nits properly is the way that Deb shows you. She’s not in it for the money she really does care! Don’t presume you don’t have them yourself and check everyone in the family 🙂


I am a grandmother of an 11year old girl who has been plagued with head lice for many years and we have tried all ways to manage this problem with no success and at last we have found the most wonderful, competent, caring and special person in Deb. Finally I think we may be able to get the “nits” under control. She has the patience of a saint as it is not a short process and most of the clients are children. She also makes you very welcome in her home and is ably assisted by her lovely children who provide “coffee” for the Mums (and Grandmas) and are a credit to her. I highly recommend that if you are at your wits end or “nits” end!! then Deb is the Lady for you. A miracle worker. Grandma Liz


I have been one of her clients and she happens to be a miracle worker! She was bright bubbly chatty and gentle and her kids are well mannered and such a great company and are very helpful! I have come home to a beautiful shiny soft clean pure hair and trust me its worht it and if your like me with thick hair you can actually get a hair cut now that you have no nits (lice eggs) and one thing for sure she gives you very good advice and lets you sit down relax chill and watch some movies!


When finding head lice on my 3 year old I was horrified. After spending weeks earlier this year battling the same problem with expensive chemicals and numerous combs I was so relieved this time to have found Deb and I called her immediately. Deb was able to to fit us in the same day which was wonderful. What I loved about Deb was that she removed the lice but also showed and educated me so I feel in control to deal with the problem if it happens again. Thank you for making us feel so welcome in your home and making the dreaded headline experience not so dreadful. Your doing an amazing job!


I was so lucky to have found Deb through her website. I was absolutely at my witsend! My daughter is yr12 and the problem has been on going since the beginning of the year. We have tried every product on the shelf, both natural and chemical. We have tried every comb including the battery operated one, but the problem persisted. Deb was so friendly and welcoming and very professional. She showed me how to comb through the hair in sections using the stainless steel comb she reccomends to buy which is easily cleaned in boiling water. I had never had the lice cycle explained properly until now.Deb was so knowledgeable and gave me the confidence to treat the problem if there is a next time.We left happily No chemicals No fuss No nits! Thank you so much Deb, your an angel.

Thank you so much Debra for a prompt and professional service of checking my hair and assuring me that I was nit-free. My daughter contracted headlice in April, which I successfully treated only to find out that I had nits too. After months of treatment with pharmacy bought products and combing and conditioner, I still had an extremely itchy head and I was convinced I still had headlice. My poor husband also spent hours checking and combing through my hair! I was so delighted to find Debra this week, who gave me an appointment on the same day and thoroughly checked my hair in a relaxed environment. My daughter who came with me was also made very welcome in her home. Debra showed me the best technique for checking and combing my hair using a stainless steel comb and conditioner. She educated me on the life-cycle of headlice and gave me tips to ensure nits/headlice were eradicated from my home. She also gave me a quality stainless steel comb to take home. It is so difficult to thoroughly check one’s own head for headice/nits and for this reason, I am delighted to have found you Debra. You have given me peace of mind that I am nit-free. I wish I had accessed your services initially, as you would saved so much in terms of time and money.Thanks again Debra. I highly recommend your service.


Well all I can say is THANK GOODNESS FOR DEB!! My 4 year old daughter Rebekah picked up the dreaded little buggers at dancing school and no matter what ‘quick fix’ chemical I tried they always seemed to come back with a vengance… it seemed that nothing I was doing was working. Then to my absolute horror I realised that they had climbed on to me and I was more than likely making the problem worse by passing them back on to her. So we both tried every chemical on the market and my frustration grew as just one little egg missed meant that the whole process had to start again. More chemicals, more money, more wasted time.
And then we found Deb who came to our home, treated us both very simply and easily with the right comb and the right process and NO chemicals and since then we have both been nit free!!
No amount of chemicals will beat a thorough treatment with the right tools and the right process.
Thanks Deb!! No more scratching at our house!!

Danielle & Rebekah

My 6 year old daughter recently had an awful case of nits. I had ‘treated’ her every 3 or 4 days for nearly 2 weeks, but a combination of poor lighting in my house, nit combs that were not fine enough and kids getting bored and wanting to run off meant that I just didn’t seem to be able to get on top if the problem. Of course my 3 year old also had to be treated which doubled my exasperation. I found Deb’s website and booked in immediately….absolutely no regrets…and NO MORE NITS. She was really gentle, had loads of movie options and the kids were happy to sit for the time required. Plus I now have a great nit comb and learned the best technique for follow up maintenance. And during all this I got to drink coffee and have a lovely chat (there is a park across the road too if you want to take siblings for a play). Thanks Deb 🙂


Deb is an absolute god send – I have battled with the dreaded nits on and off for years with my three children, have spent hundreds of dollars on treatments and an unknown amount of time torturing my kids, pulling out their hair and even sending them out with all sorts of potions in their hair. Now after just one visit we have had months “NIT FREE”. Deb was very gentle and very patient – I would have paid anything to be rid of the problem but didn’t have to as her rates are extremely reasonable. I cannot recommend Deb and No Nits Now enough. We would not hesitate to use her again (think the kids would actually look forward to going again!!).


After spending hours applying chemicals and combing the nits out of both my daughters hair, only to continually find more, I was devastated when I found my child had nits again! Thankfully I contacted the amazing Deb, and she managed to rid my child of all nits, fuss free, pain free, mess free, chemical free and the best part, I didn’t have to do it!!! Deb showed me exactly how to do it, and supplied me with a comb for next time. I’m now not so panicked about the thought of my children getting nits again. Deb, you’re a lifesaver, thank you!


My daughter had her hair done by deb a few weeks ago now, she was very welcoming and put a movie on for my lil one to watch while she worked her magic. I had only just combed maccas hair through a few days before this with the plastic combs that you can get but deb still found more to my horror 🙁 I have 4 children so nits was a common thing in my house felt like I was doing their hair every day some weeks but I purchased the comb from deb who showed the correct technique to use it and not my daughter or the rest of my kids have had them since which for me and them is fantastic as we all know how time consuming a job it is, I just spray tea tree spray on their hair every day before school now and touch wood haven’t had a problem since, 🙂 thanks deb you are a gem xxx