Dealing with nits or lice?

The process of getting rid of lice can be extremely overwhelming for all those involved. However the stress can be greatly reduced by calling for help from a professional… No Nits Now! We take the mystery and frustration out of head lice. We educate, demonstrate and rid of the problem. We have lots of information about all things ‘lice’ on our blog. Read about the life cycle of nits why you think you ‘keep getting it back again’ HERE on our blog.

We offer a non-chemical solution

I have treated many families AFTER they have used chemical solutions and the combs bought from the pharmacy only to find dozens of eggs and live adult lice. Sadly the cycle repeats itself for the families wasting lots of money and frustrating parents. Read more about chemicals HERE on our blog.

We are fully mobile

No Nits Now offers flexible appointments in the comfort and convenience of your home. You sit back and let us do the work for you.

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At Now Nits Now we understand that head lice can be an embarrassing situation for both parents and/or children and teenagers. Although there’s nothing to be embarrassed about (apart from the common cold, head lice is the most common health problem in primary schools today), we do get it. We treat your situation with upmost discretion. Our cars are unmarked – no sirens, no advertising, no bells and whistles. You can rest assured that our visit will go unnoticed by neighbours and friends. Ssshhh, your secret is safe with us (although when you’re lice free, you’ll be telling all your friends about us!)

Cue Deborah

I operate a mobile service on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and the Central Coast with trained nit pickers ready to help you!┬áIn New York City, my children got nits, a world-wide problem. Learning from a third generation Nit Picker, I brought the methods I learned back home. Over the years I have become the preferred ‘nit picker’ of choice due to my consistent success in removing lice and nits. We have the experience of treating 100’s of happy clients.