Our Mobile Services

We operate our mobile services on the Northern Beaches of Sydney (and a bit further for a small fee) and also the Central Coast.

Sydney appointments: 0415 524 272
Central Coast appointments: 0422 772 281

When your child is in a school environment where many children have lice and go untreated, it’s imperative you have the skills and tools to tackle future outbreaks without further expense. Not only do we remove the nits and lice, we give you the tools and training should you have the unfortunate situation of getting lice again.

At No Nits Now we provide an informative, friendly and relaxed experience, with all organic products, in the comfort of your home. We offer you convenience and education, saving you the hassle and ongoing expense of head lice products and salon visits.  It generally takes between 45 mins – 1.15 hrs for the infestation to be removed and children are able to return to school the same day.

We show our clients how to perform required follow-up maintenance, provide them with a superior comb to carry it out and give loads of no-hassle tips. At No Nits Now we use a high quality comb which has been used internationally for more than 90 years. Unfortunately many people have exploited the head lice problem with gimmick products and combs which cost a fortune and are ineffective. Our comb is not available from chemists, is recognised as a medical product in Europe, and was awarded with a gold medal at the Health Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany. It’s not a magic comb but together with a thorough technique, it feels like magic when  you’re nit and lice free!

Don’t feel embarrassed and keep it a secret. Make sure you notify your school (so the class can be checked), friends, relatives and babysitters. If you don’t tell others and they have it, you can get it all over again.

Experts agree, manual removal is the safest and most effective method. With our meticulous methods, we leave you nit, lice and stress free.