Could head lice be effecting my child’s sleep? September 18, 2014

Children can often be very slow in recognising they have head lice. Its not until someone notices the constant scratching and investigates a little further that the head lice situation is realised! Up until this point, the child can be scratching subconsciously for weeks without anyone noticing. This scratching doesn’t finish in their sleep – […] Read more

What are nits and lice? September 3, 2014

Head lice (scientific name Pediculus capitis) are parasitic insects that feed on human blood, cause itching from their bites but they do not carry disease. Lice can cause bacterial infections only when a bite is scratched with a dirty finger. The plural of louse is lice, a nit is the egg and a nymph is […] Read more

Why does my child (or I) have them? September 3, 2014

Head lice enjoy a clean environment, so don’t assume you’re dirty if you or your child contract them. It’s possible for anyone to get head lice. Head lice are transferred from person-to-person by hair-to-hair or head to head contact. The lice do not jump, fly or swim. Lice walk from one hair to another. Head […] Read more

The Life Cycle of Nits and Lice September 3, 2014

It can take as long as 2 to 3 weeks or longer for a person to notice the presence of head lice or nits. Lice live for around a month and can lay up to 130 nits in their lifetime or 4 to 8 per day once they reach maturity. The eggs take around 7 days […] Read more

Natural Methods September 3, 2014

Do natural head lice removal methods work? There are all sorts of ideas in circulation of how to rid lice and nits naturally. The suffocation method is one of them. Products such as mayonnaise and oil are applied to the head, attempting to suffocate the lice to kill them. Lice breathe through seven breathing holes […] Read more

Truth about Chemicals September 3, 2014

In an article in the Sydney Morning herald, it reported what many parents (including myself) knew already – over the counter head lice treatments from the chemist don’t work. The article titled, ‘Head lice becoming resistant to common chemical treatments: study’, reported that head lice have become immune to most of the over-the-counter chemicals used […] Read more